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Move-out begins at 1:00pm on Friday, December 1st.  For insurance and safety purposes, exhibits must not be dismantled until 1:00pm.  Please note, IIDEXCanada will be moving out of the North Building of the MTCC at the same time as PM Expo, Construct Canada, HomeBuilder & Renovator Expo and Concrete Canada are moving out of the South Building. All Shows will be using the same Marshalling Yard, located at 100/120 Cherry Street, and as such it is imperative that your delivery personnel know which Show and Building they are picking up from.


This option will allow you to pack up your exhibitry leave it in your booth and walk away without any wait time.

Material Handling


At 1:00pm you may pack up and move-out by hand or with the use of a two-wheel dolly, through the front of the Show to your car using the escalators and elevators (to be safe you must be able to hold onto the escalator handrail). Three or four trips to your car might save you a significant amount of time that would otherwise be spent waiting for dock access. Remember to remove all carpet tape to avoid being charged for cleaning costs (rental carpet is an exception) and all items from your booth space (stranded freight will be packed, removed & held for pick-up by GES at the exhibitor’s expense).


  • The show floor is cleared from the back of the hall to the front (opposite of move-in).
  • If your booth is located in the section of the floor that was scheduled to move-in first, it is likely that you will not be first to move-out.
  • If time is an issue, consider OPTIONS 1 or 2.
  • DOCK PASSES & TICKETS – Vehicles will not gain access to the loading docks without a dock pass or ticket. At 2:00pm, the first group of dock passes will be distributed to a targeted group of exhibits blocking key areas of the show floor.  This will make the move-out easier and safer for all. Vehicles smaller than a cube van will be the first to gain access at this time while cube vans and larger vehicles will not have access until approximately 5:00pm. You might be able to save time and money if you can control the size of vehicle (requesting as small a vehicle as possible) that is sent to pick up your exhibitry.
  • Your driver must be on the Show floor to receive the pass and then proceed to the parked vehicle and drive the vehicle to the South loading docks where they will hand the pass to the attendant at the top of the ramp.
  • DO NOT move your exhibitry to the loading docks until your vehicle is in the loading dock.
  • DO NOT have your driver circling around the streets.
  • You will have a maximum of 20 minutes to load your vehicle. If you are unable to self-load within this time, consider booking material handling with GES. 
  • After the first group of passes has been distributed, the Floor Managers will be available to answer questions. We will continue to release dock passes clearing from the back of the hall to the front (opposite to move-in) on an hourly basis.
  • Due to the limited amount of space in the loading docks and the fact that we are using city streets we are limited by the number of passes that we can give out at any one time. We will have a Police Officer working with us to monitor this process and to assist with the traffic flow. Please understand that we are working strategically and that there are 1,075 exhibiting companies that all want to get out to start their weekend. We will work as quickly and efficiently as we can to clear the floor in a safe and timely manner. Your patience is appreciated.
  • IF YOUR VEHICLE IS A CUBE VAN OR LARGER - Instruct your driver to check in at the Marshalling Yard. Remember that this size vehicle will not start to be sent from the yard until approximately 5:00pm. Once you have been given a dock pass from a floor manager at your exhibit, you will take it to the Freight Desk (located at the loading dock door) and they will radio the Marshalling Yard to put your truck in queue. Your driver will be given a ticket to hand in to the attendant at the top of the ramp.
  • LEAVING YOUR EXHIBITRY FOR PICK UP BY YOUR CARRIER - You must fill out a GES Bill of Lading (pick up a Bill of Lading onsite at the GES Service Desk along the southwest wall at the bottom of aisle 100) and leave it at the Freight Desk, (at the main loading doors at the bottom of aisle 1300), before you leave the Show so that your goods can be released to your carrier. MINIMIZE THE RISK OF THEFT: It is recommended that small articles of considerable value be removed at the close of the Show and that your exhibitry is not left unattended.


  • EXHIBITS MUST BE PACKED BY 9:00PM & REMOVED FROM THE SHOW FLOOR BY 10:00PM - Stranded freight will be packed, removed & held for pick-up by GES at the exhibitor’s expense.
  • DOLLIES – There is a quantity of four-wheel dollies for exhibitor use during move out, available on a first come, first served basis. Dollies can be picked up from room 825 at the top of aisle 1100 once the aisle carpets have been rolled up (approximately 2:00pm).
  • CRATE RETURN - Due to volume, crate return could take up to 7 hours.
  • PLEASE EXERCISE EXTREME CAUTION when using escalators during move out.  Large and oversize items will not be permitted on escalators.
  • WORKPLACE AND WORKERS SAFETY IS EVERYONE’S RESPONSIBILITY - All participants must comply with the legislation contained in the Occupational Health & Safety Act, which is governed by the Province of Ontario. Exhibitors are responsible to ensure that all their on-site staff and suppliers/contractors are informed of and comply with the Occupational Health & Safety Act while on the show property including:
    • All persons on the show floor will be required to wear approved safety footwear (steel toe shoes) during the move-in and move-out;
    • Approved hard hats must be worn in booths where overhead work is being done;
    • Other safety protective equipment (such as gloves and safety glasses) must be worn wherever exposure to injury is possible such as when carpentry work is being done;
    • The maximum allowable height for a ladder on the Show floor is 12 feet;
    • When working at heights of 12 feet or more, ladders must be tied off and appropriate rigging equipment worn. Ladders cannot be used as working platforms.
  • MATERIAL DONATION PROGRAM - If you no longer need certain materials at the end of the show and they could be used by someone else, consider donating them to the MTCC’s Donation Program (ITEMS MUST BE PRE-APPROVED). The MTCC works with several local charities and organizations that can use items such as pens, paper and notebooks, binders, bags, samples, furniture – even construction materials! In addition to giving back to the community, you can save on shipping or disposal costs by participating in this program. Check out this great video developed by the MTCC here. Visit the MTCC’s Exhibitor Services Desk during move in or contact Claire Brownlie at for more information.


For information on how you can simplify your move-out and perhaps reduce some of your costs please refer to the Simplify Your Move-Out sheet.


Have questions? Contact Tori Wines at

Marshalling Yard Procedures and Map