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It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to see that all appointed contractors or agents abide by the rules and regulations for The Buildings Show, including the Guidelines for Exhibitor Appointed Contractors outlined below. We recommend that they review this manual to give them an overall picture of the show guidelines.

Exhibitors are required to notify Show Management of their intent to use an EAC by submitting the online Intent to Use an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor form prior to November 1, 2017. Exhibitors will require the EAC's Certificate of Insurance in order to complete the above form.  

Guidelines for Exhibitor Appointed Contractors (EACs)

Those exhibitors who wish to employ EACs for the erection and dismantling of their exhibit booth displays, should make known to them the guidelines to be followed as listed in the Booth Design Regulations, as well as the points below.

1. The EAC shall be given the right to provide services requested of them by an exhibitor in the set-up and dismantling on the show floor, and shall have the right to utilize qualified employees.

2. These services shall not conflict with existing labour regulations or contracts, including exclusive services provided by the MTCC. The EAC shall adhere to the rules and regulations listed here. In performing work for their clients, the EAC shall cooperate fully with GES Canada and the MTCC.

3. The EAC shall possess a valid public liability and property damage insurance policy for a least $5,000,000. The Certificate of Insurance must name Informa Canada Inc. and the Metropolitan Toronto Convention Centre Corporation as additional insured. Exhibitors are required to obtain the EAC's Certificate of Insurance and submit it to Show Management via the online Intent to Use an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor form prior to November 1, 2017.

4. The EAC shall have a true and valid work order from an exhibitor in advance of the show move-in date and shall not solicit business on the show floor, or during move-in or move-out dates.

5. The EAC will be responsible, if applicable, for all reasonable costs related to the EAC’s work at the site. This may include overtime pay for stewards, restoration of the exhibit space to its initial condition, etc.

6. The EAC shall abide by the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its applicable regulations at all times during set-up and tear down. All workers MUST wear approved safety footwear at all times during move-in and move-out, regardless of their booth size or location on the show floor. Approved hard hats must be worn in booths where overhead work is being done. Full details can be found in the Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act and Exhibitor's Responsibility section.

Download the Exhibitor Appointed Contractors PDF