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TWI Group is the Official customs Broker for The Buildings Show. TWI Group will maintain staff on-site from move-in through move-out to assist exhibitors with their entry/import and return/export of goods. Exhibitors may request a comprehensive Customs Guide from TWI Group to assist in the preparation and distribution of documents.

We strongly recommend a customs broker be used for all material being shipped from outside of Canada, including convention materials. Advance communication will ensure the most favourable customs status and trouble-free entry. For our international exhibitors, assistance with your freight and customs can be arranged with TWI Group. Contact Pat D'Alessandro: Tel. 1-905-812-1124, Email: 

Special Note: U.S.A. Exhibitors who are sending equipment to the show that is not of U.S.A. origin, must complete a special customs form for U.S. Customs to ensure easy return to the U.S.A. after the show. Contact TWI Group for more information.

Overseas Shipments

It is recommended that exhibitors with shipments arriving by sea arrange to have them arrive early, allowing for customs clearance and delivery to the show building. Exhibitors shipping materials from outside of Canada must use a customs broker. Carefully label your crates and material for the show, understand customs procedures, ensure that you have the necessary forms and be familiar with Canadian Customs policy for your products.

Border Crossing

Exhibitors who plan on crossing the border should consider the following points:

  • A list of the Point of Entries into Canada can be found here. Check wait-times and plan accordingly.
  • US citizens require a valid passport for travel to Canada and upon re-entry to the US.
  • Exhibitors should be prepared to answer questions from CBSA officers about why they are travelling to Canada.

Exhibitors may qualify as a business visitor seeking temporary entry to Canada provided:

  • They are seeking entry for business purposes.
  • The proposed business activity is international in scope.
  • They have no intention of entering the Canadian labour market.
  • Their primary source of remuneration is outside of Canada.
  • The principal place of business and the accrual of profits remains outside of Canada.

For more information about travelling from the United States into Canada as a temporary business traveller, please visit The U.S. Embassy in Canada website.

Informa Canada Inc. accepts no responsibility for any delays or seizures at the border, including exhibitors being turned away due to paperwork, criminal record or other reasons. Exhibitors wishing to contact the Canada Border Services Agency may call 1-800-461-9999 within Canada or 1-204-983-3500 or 506-636-5064 from outside of Canada. Alternatively exhibitors may visit their website for more information:

Duties and Taxes

Equipment and exhibits for this show, which will leave the country after the show, may be brought in free of duties and taxes but are subject to a deposit equal to the duties and taxes normally levied on them. (No duties apply, just 13% HST, for products made in the U.S.A.). The Official Customs Broker has made arrangements with Canada Customs for a bond to cover all imports to this show. Exhibitors using the services of the Official Customs Broker will therefore not be required to issue a separate power of attorney.

Note: For printed materials, advertising material and give-away articles, Canada Customs requires the payment of full duties and taxes on these materials. (No duties apply, just 13% HST, for products made in the U.S.A.). For more details, contact the Official Customs Broker directly.