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Exhibitor Directory Profile

Attendees plan their visit to the Show and want to know who is exhibiting and what’s new on the floor. Assist them by uploading your Company Profile and Product Showcase information to the website.

Mandatory Requirements

Booth Standards and Safety Regulations create a professional, safe environment on the Show floor. Exhibitors and their staff must be aware of and comply with all standards as they pertain to the Show.

Move In/Move Out

Avoid costly delays by planning your Move-in and Move-out well in advance of the Show. Move-in is scheduled and based on your booth size and location on the floor. Remember: Steel-toed boots/shoes are mandatory during both Move-in & Move-out.

Order Forms & Checklist

Review the Exhibitor Checklist to be sure you have all your show requirements in order. Note that many Show Suppliers offer discount pricing in advance of the Show. Place your orders early and save.

Authorized & Unauthorized Show Suppliers

Beware of Unauthorized Suppliers claiming to be with the Show. Please keep in mind that only Official Show Suppliers receive Exhibitor contact information from Show Management authorizing them to contact you.